Friday, October 21, 2016

Katayoun Amjadi, Artist

Hello! This is Jackson and welcome to the second interview on my art blog, 3 Art Questions With Jackson. This time I interviewed Katayoun Amjadi. She is a very talented artist and a very nice person. I like her.

1) What is the biggest difference between making art in Iran and making art in the United States?

I think art is a function of individual’s idiosyncratic biography, memories, and ideas around objects and associated meanings laden in them. With the change of context in geographical location, clearly audience changes too. The new audience would read and view your art based on their own subjectivity that may not be as easily graspable. I find myself struggling to hold American audience’s hand and walk them through my work and make it more accessible for them, while this was never my concern when I was making art in Iran. 


2) How do you get your ideas for making your art? 

I have a certain obsession with visual history of decorative objects, patterns and motifs which I typically decontextualize and put my own meaning into them. My biggest source of inspiration is of course our visual culture, museums, and books. 

3) What is your favorite artwork and why?

This is a very difficult question! My favorites tend to change based on where I am at in life. The only artwork that had haunted me since childhood and it’s burned in my memory is Fransisco Goya’s “The Third of May 1808”. 

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