Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Alanah Luger-Guillaume, Artist and member of The White Page collective

Hello everyone! This is Jackson and welcome to the sixth interview on my art blog, 3 Art Questions With Jackson. This time I interviewed Alanah Luger-Guillaume. She is a super good artist and a member of The White Page collective in Minneapolis. You should go see her there.

JacksonHow old were you when you first became interested in art?

Alanah: I don't remember when I started loving art. My mother says when I was really little I scribbled with crayons for the entirety of a very long drive, and she knew then that I had already found something I loved. I have been drawing my whole life basically. It's just always been a part of who I am- fidgety with my hands and extremely visual.

Jackson: Did school teach you about art or did you learn on your own?

AlanahBoth! My high school art teacher was a special part of my learning. He encouraged me so much and knew art was my first priority. College was important for me because my teachers had so much knowledge to share about being an artist and about contemporary art. Art school can really help weed out a lot of cliche ideas because you are surrounded by people making things, and it can be easy to start noticing trends and overused themes or imagery. Of course, so much is learned by practicing and investigating outside of academia. I'm still learning all the time.

Jackson: Do you draw well and do you think it's important? I don't draw well yet.

AlanahI do draw pretty well. I'm really not sure how important that is. It just depends on how you work and what you want to make. Drawing is how I discovered I loved art. However, when I got to college I realized that thinking less literally came as a challenge for me. I had always drawn from life without any abstraction. Art school helped break that down a bit. Now I paint completely abstractly. Just writing this is making me want to sit down in front of a mirror and do a self portrait!

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